Commitment to quality

Integrity – Quality – Precision

Our company philosophy of quality, precision and most importantly integrity, has allowed us to grow our business to what it is today.   Located in North Bay, Ontario, Canada, we are strategically located only hours from Canada’s largest transportation hub for road, rail, and air. With manufacturing being a staple of North Bay and surrounding area economies, the labour force is skilled to a world class level in capability, quality and diversity.

World-Class Fabricators

Quality, precision and integrity: this is what clients can expect when they order products from Metal Fab Ltd. Based in North Bay, Ontario, we provide world-class fabrication, machining and finishing solutions to Ontario, Canada and the United States.

Since 1978, we’ve fabricated steel and aluminum products for the mining, drilling and heavy construction industries. Our services are available to everyone, from entrepreneurs to the largest corporations. If your project demands perfection – call the team at Metal Fab Ltd.

Blueprint to Finished Product

At Metal Fab Ltd., we can take your blueprint and translate it through bending, cutting and shaping steel and aluminum. In 35 years, we’ve seen technologies change, competitors come and go, and while we’ve adapted with the times, there’s one thing that has stayed the same – the pursuit of product perfection.

Although our projects are world class, with experience comes efficiency, allowing us to offer services at competitive rates.

For projects that demand perfection, call Metal Fab Ltd. in North Bay.

All welders are CWB-certified through the Canadian Welding Bureau.